Be extraordinary.

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When is a good time to talk?

We create the most talked-about experiences.

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No one sets out to be average. No one aspires to be ordinary.

Jonathan is an events professional that loves to reimagine what an experience can be. We like to get creative and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Though within your boundaries and budget.

No one sets out to be average. No one aspires to be ordinary.

Jonathan is an events professional that loves to reimagine what an experience can be. We like to get creative and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Though within your boundaries and budget.

We do events of all shapes and sizes, and at all stages.

From weddings and private events to corporate events, sports and public events/festivals.

Our passion is creating high-quality events those attending will remember.

Whatever stage you’re at, we can support from the beginning or join in as the time nearers.

Our in house team can even set up websites for you, including setting up RSVPs and Ticketing.



Founder, Jonathan Geitner

Jonathan is an innovative event professional, providing event management with over 25 years of experience in running events, from start to finish, and are ones to remember.

From running the 2nd largest obstacle course in the UK with 10,000 people on a weekend & 3000 spectators to corporate events with the Chairman of 15 major banks at luxury 5* hotels, to days out and retreats – to the running and logistics of all the tennis players & their families at the ATP Tennis Finals and delivering on 1000s of weddings and private individual events.

Events stretching from California and the USA to Cyprus, France and dozens of other countries.

Jonathan himself has worked at The Savoy, Claridge’s, The Connaught, The Berkeley, Marriott and Hilton Hotels where he was the one Wedding Planners and Events Organisers would go to, to negotiate with and he would then arrange everything for the events organisers & wedding planners. He knows and understands the logistics from an operational standpoint and what’s possible, or not. He’s also worked overseas running outside catering companies and been the supplier to Wedding Organisers, so he has the inside knowledge. Not just the normal event planner. With all this experience, he knows how to negotiate with venues, how to get the best deals, and has built up a large network of suppliers from musicians and DJ’s to lighting, sound and infrastructure, each who offer favorable rates.

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What clients say

Highly recommend!

I was fortunate to have met Jonathan a few years back and knew that he organised events. I asked for his help in organising my wedding and would not have been able to do it without him. Everyone commented on how great the day went and Jonathan really pulled this out of the hat. An excellent organiser, empathetic, listens to what you’re after and offers solutions. Very much a can-do attitude and using Jonathan actually saved us money as he has so many contacts.


Great to work with.

“Positive, innovative, driven, and attention to detail are just some of the words that spring to mind when describing Jonathon. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

Leon Trayling 
Leon Trayling


We spoke to Jonathan about our wedding and were not sure whether to have a male or female organiser. We went with Jonathan and given his experience working in luxury hotels and knowing the ins and outs, we found his knowledge versus those planners who’ve never really worked in hotels or catering before invaluable. It’s the little details that make something really happen! Thanks so much Jonathan.


Great to work with.

I’ve worked with Jonathan on many occasions for our conferences and he’s become a bit of a right-hand man for me. Reliable, you know the job will get done, to a fantastic level. Takes the pressure off me.


Worth the investment.

It was a pleasure to work with Jonathan and his team. It just made everything easier, took the pressure off, and actually, it turned into being quite fun to organise!


Some of the brands we’ve worked with

Some of the genres of the events we’ve worked on


From small to large; luxury hotels to beach settings, on all budgets.

Festivals & Large Events

Logistics, stakeholder management, artist management, planning.


Obstacle Courses, running events, and everything in between.

Individual/Private Parties

Any event, small or large, for individuals such as birthdays & b’nei mitzvah

Planning & Logistics

Need help with planning, infrastructure, licensing, traffic management?