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What You Get

1000s of exercises, each with 3D animations that you can add to a routine of your own, or use our pre-set routines.

A variety of pre-set routines, ranging from only bodyweight workouts, some easy, some harder, some quick, and some longer, to other routines that use some equipment, such as kettlebells or resistance bands.

1000s of Videos on Demand, where you can choose by duration, difficulty and style, such as yoga or boxing.

Nutrition, with a separate app that lets you track your intake, and monitor your eating and drinking habits that can run alongside any of our meal or nutrition plans.

All of this, being totally trackable.

Not only this, but we have Personal Trainers on hand to help you create your own program, and keep you motivated and on top of your program.


Your training plan

We’ve a collection in our exercise library of over 4000, 3D-animated exercises.

You can simply select an exercise and do these on the fly, or create an actual routine that you can add to your calendar and do again and again.

Then you can swap exercises out if you feel you’ve had enough of it!


exercise library varies based on subscription


Choose from the vast array of workouts that our team have already put together for  you.

And, we’re constantly adding new workout routines – it’s good to mix things up!

There are workout routines for everyone though the Silver and Gold memberships give you access to all the plans.

full access on silver and gold


With 1000s of videos on demand,  available whenever you want, wherever you want, simply choose by duration (how long you’d like to work out for), and difficulty (how hard or easy you’d like the workout to be), along with any other filters, such as if you particularly fancy doing a yoga session, or an abs workout, or HIIT session.

There’s something for everyone. 

All created by world-class trainers from around the globe in stunning settings, that will inspire you in their own right!

silver & gold subscriptions

Virtual Personal Trainers

Jumpstart your fitness, by having a virtual 1:2:1 with a Personal Trainer, who will ascertain your goals and create a workout plan designed especially for you.

We will also check-in with you once a week to make sure you’re enjoying the program and routine, swapping out any exercises and keeping it all fresh!

£29.99 | month



GymJam’s Nutrition Plans have been designed by qualified Sport and Exercise Nutritionists, all members of the industry-leading Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr).

We have a full 90-day plan that goes hand in hand with our 90-day workout plan.

£69.99 | one off


We also offer a 1:2:1 Nutrition Consultantion with a qualified Nutritionist (SENr), who will then set you up with a one month meal & nutrition plan.


£49 | one off


set goals

Goals are important as they give a destination to reach. They help clarify what you desire to do, understand the importance of pursuing them, and committing yourself to make them happen.

So, we’ve an array of goals, or we’ve called them Challenges, that you can join. On all membership levels, including the free version.

We would love to see everyone setting challenges as this is something to work towards.

free for everyone


There’s an array of challenges to choose from. From group challenges, where your participation will help achieve a target, for example it could be collectively runs 1000 miles in a month; or it could be a personal challenge for you.

If there’s a challenge you’d like to do, that’s not there, just tell us and we’ll go ahead and create it for you.


groups & community

groups & community

There’s a load of GROUPS already set up in Gym Jam.

We recommend you join some groups that spark an interest as it creates “belonging”; and more than that – someone may share some useful tips and tricks!

From Running Form to How to do a handstand! There will be people who’ve done it, and those learning who will share best practice!

Go find yourself on a journey of discovery!

free for everyone


Download and register on the APP. It’s that easy. Then upgrade on the app as you see fit.

So if you’re on your desktop, simply scan the QR code on your phone; or if you’re already on your phone, click either button depending on what phone you’re on.

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Your health and wellbeing is the only thing you have, and totally own outright. 

Make sure you give it everything you’ve got.