Full Branding including logo, the website with ticketing integration and graphics/visuals for the website and social media. However socials have not launched just yet until the client has hired sales staff.

The idea is simply the local notice board of what’s happening in your local area. Something all the major search engines miss. Being able to find out through one simple calendar what’s happening the week ahead, including things like bands in local bars, quiz nights etc.

Huude is still in development.


A start-up in the midst of raising investment.

Huude is the hyper-local search for what’s happening in the area of your choice.

Huude is looking to become the catalyst to help the local high street, retailers, and consumers.

What AirBNB has done for the travel sector, Let’s Do This has done for the fitness event sector, and Feverup has done for paid-for experiences, we want to do for the entertainment and local events sector.

Your local notice board!


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The Possibilities
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Our Challenges

Creating something from scratch with the concept of being able to visualise a calendared view of what’s happening ahead, but, just as importantly for the scalability of this project, we wanted anyone to be able to submit an event into the platform, for free.

So we ended up building out something where anyone can enter an event for free.

Plus, we’ve integrated, though this is not launched yet ticketing where Huude will take a percentage fee. 

So reducing costs to all those setting events up, but enabling anyone to add an event to the calendar.

A full self-perpetuating model.

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