The Concept

A new, annual, off-shore race that’s less intimidating and gruelling than The Fastnet Race (4-6 days) but more intense and longer than Round The Island.

Potentially this could be integrated with some inshore and coastal racing as part of a week long regatta & off shore race. And potentially with a stop introduced in or around Weymouth.

The off shore race is offering a more intermediate style offshore race, with better “escape” opportunities, a more enjoyable sail, and give more people the opportunity to experience offshore sailing.

The journey is very straightforward – leaving the Solent & heading around Guernsey and Jersey and back again – possibly with a stop in Weymouth.

The Fastnet can be quite a gruelling race for many; being 600 nautical miles there or thereabouts and in what can be fairly rough conditions. Round the Isle is a great race though is fairly short and the idea of this event is to offer something in between the two.

The Channel Race is about 262 nautical miles without stopping in Weymouth or somewhere near (with a stop in Weymouth reduces this to around 230nm). This should take about 1-2 days for the most part. So an overnight race. However with the English Channel being less “rough” than the Irish Sea, coupled with losing sight of land only for a short time that may put many minds more at ease, and given the race will head around Guernsey and Jersey, should any boats or crew experience problems, there are opportunities to simply stop racing and pull in.

The overall  goal for this is to get more people experiencing offshore racing but in a less intimidating manner. And get crews to socialise!

This could potentially become one of the qualifying races for the Fastnet Race.

In the ideal scenario, we’d integrate a Cowes Week style regatta, or something like 2 days of inshore racing, 2 days round the cans in the Solent, before the longer off shore race. Then a day’s rest before one final day of inshore or coastal racing. With the aim to create a sociable event, which will in turn attract more people. Though this is all up for discussion.¬†

Route 1

Leaving the Solent & heading around Guernsey and Jersey and back again.

This route is about 262 nautical miles and should take about 1-2 days for the most part.

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Route 2

Leaving the Solent & heading around Jersey and Guernsey and Jersey and heading into Weymouth or somewhere equivalent for one night and then heading back to finish in Hamble the following day.

This will provide a good race around Jersey plus let crews have a night to socialise in a port. 

This route is about 230 nautical miles on leg one and a further 52nm on leg 2.

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The Partnership

  • Assistance with the race start and finish, and for me, having others I can talk to about the details who can offer views, highlight potential challenges and issues I may have missed, and explore further ideas to make this a really good quality event that attracts sailors from all over to come back year on year.
  • Use of facilities for those attending the race, for me to base myself whilst down there and as the Race HQ.
  • Maybe there’s an opportunity to tag on other sailing races or events as a part of the Jubilee Regatta you’re already holding?
  • Awards Ceremony (Covid dependent) at the Club House
  • Support with possible contacts for the use of the Marina to be able to offer berthing for race attendees, and the use of facilities
  • Support with possible contacts for sponsorship
  • The ability to use any grounds available and host outdoor, more Covid secure music, entertainment, food and drink – like you’d see at Cowes Week
  • In return, a share of revenue at a percentage agreeable to both parties

There maybe other elements to incorporate as the concept evolves.



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